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Sheviti carpet:

Designed with the Psalm text " I stand in front of you to pray " (Psalm 67) in mind. In the Jewish tradition Mizrach or Sheviti panels made out of different materials, are hung on the wall to show the direction in which Jerusalem is located. The carpet figures a Menorah and a stylized view of Jerusalem.The words " Sheviti ha-Legend Tamid " are written in Hebrew calligraphy.

2.Sheviti Rosh Hodesh carpet:

This carpet is made to be hung on the wall. It is nearly identical to the Sheviti carpet, but shows the Hosh Rodesh, the night of the full moon.

3.Sabbath carpet:

A wall hanging dedicated to the Sabbath. In front are depicted two Sabbath candlesticks, in the background the Wailing Wall. In the border are stylized Menorah's, Hamse (good luck) and star motives.

4.Bar/Bat Mitzvah-Cadiz-carpet:

A wall hanging made for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony, with the name of the owner and the date of the ceremony woven in Hebrew script in a cartouche at the bottom end. The carpet shows in a prayer niche the cupboard in which the holy book is kept, and the curtain in front of it. On the curtain are the ten commandments and a menorah to be seen. The two candlesticks with pomegranate motives and the pomegranates in the border symbolize the fertility of Israel.

5.Bar/Bat Mitzvah-Huesca-carpet:

A wall hanging made for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony, with the name of the owner and the date of the ceremony woven in Hebrew script in the cartouche at the bottom end. On both sides of the cartouche Hamse patterns symbolize good luck, the columns the temple of Solomon. In the middle a Menorah is to be seen.

6.Yam Suf ( Red Sea ) carpet:

At the top of the carpet the splitting in two of the Red Sea is depicted. In the border at the bottom a text from the Tevrat is woven in. In the middle two columns of the temple of Solomon are shown, on the arch that connects the columns is written the word Israel. Below the arch are two angels, in the middle a Menorah.

7.Shema ( Prayer ) carpet:

Woven in at the top and the bottom of the carpet is the prayer: You Israel, hear me, God is one and only. The right border shows the miracle of Joshua stopping the sun and the moon. The left border shows the moving of the tabernacle, and on top of that the conquering of Jericho by Joshua. The middle depicts the ascension of Elijah, below this a synagogue.

8.Akedah carpet:

The top border shows Abraham offering his son Isaac. The left border shows Moses with the burning bushes and Moses hitting the rocks with his stick to get water. The right border shows the dream of Joseph, the sun, the moon and the stars. In the corners are vine branches and bowls of wine as fertility symbols, and the peacock as a symbol of immortality and paradise. In the middle is a Sephardic synagogue. In the narrow border we see the Menorah and olive branch, the symbol of the State of Israel.

9. Besalel school carpet:

This carpet has been designed as a wall hanging by the Besalel school. It shows the school building, that once was the only place where Jewish carpet weaving was taught.

10.Fantasy Menorah carpet:

This wall carpet shows the Menorah in a fantasy way. In the background there is a view of Jerusalem.

11.Moses carpet:

This carpet shows Moses holding the tablets with the ten commandments.

12.Migdal David carpet:

This wall carpet shows the tower of David (Migdal David) in Jerusalem.

13.Mount Sinai carpet:

This carpet shows a composition of Mount Sanai, where Moses received the ten commandments.

14.Menorah carpet:

This carpet shows a composition figuring the Menorah and the Star of David.


 ( 80 x 180 cm )


( 60x120cm)


( 80x180cm)

5 - BAR/BAT MİTZVAH HUESCA -( 90x110cm )

 4-BAR/BAT MİTZVAH -CADİZ ( 120x180cm )

( 120x180cm )

 ( 120x180cm )

 ( 120x180cm )

 ( 120x180cm )

 ( 100x180cm )

( 60x120cm )

( 60x120 cm )


( 120x180 cm )

( 120x180cm )



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